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This Lullaby

This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen

There is a certain charm about Sarah Dessen's books. I've read four books from her in total, and it's amazing how each book has its charm. Her characters are distinct and the story plot is unique yet generic at the same time. However, of the past three books I've read from her, This Lullaby, is by far my favourite in terms of characters' personality.


Remy grew up understanding that relationships don't last, as her mother remarried five times to date. Remy has her own set rules when it comes to dating, but those rules don't seem to make sense when she meets Dexter the musician.


Both Remy and Dexter are by far two of my favourite book characters. Their personalities are distinct and humorous. They stand out from the stories and I look forward to their interaction every time. Remy, who thought she has everything under control, meets Dexter, who doesn't very much like control. When the both of them are together, I can truly see how love can very much change a person.


I also love how Remy is actually surrounded by people who found love a worthwhile risk, but she can't actually see it - no matter how her mother and brother had reminded her that love doesn't have to be set formula. It just happens. 


The funny thing is, after getting into my first relationship, I find myself able to relate to these characters more. Whenever they bicker, or fight, my heart do relate. Sometimes I do wanna shake Remy into her senses as I can see how much Dexter loves her, but she just can't see it. She loves Dexter too, but she can't see that either.


This book will certainly make you want to root for love - no matter you believe in it or not. This is the power of Sarah Dessen's writing.