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Lucas - Kevin Brooks

Lucas left a deep impression on me. The story is beyond my expectation, and it's a good thing. 


Caitlyn lives on an island with her own complications with the people around her. Her dad drinks too much, but loves her. Her brother seems to be mixing in the wrong crowd. Caitlyn craves for something different. Something more peaceful than what her peers are doing. Then, her whole world seems to change when she met Lucas, the mysterious boy with blue eyes. 


The beginning is a little slow, and caused me to close the book down several times. However, it slowly starts to takeoff and I couldn't put the book down anymore. This is an unusual love story indeed. Lucas is not your regular good-looking boy in a love story. He has a mysterious past and he seems to magical to exist. Caitlyn adores him. This book is not only about Caitlyn-Lucas, but so much more than that. It challenges your view on the reality of this world - how power is so often abused, and how conformation is so often happening that it is becoming somewhat disappointing. 


There is certainly a lot of message in this book and it is delivered well. After each event, it will leave you speechless and wondering. And after the entire book, you can't stop thinking about it. There is something about Lucas that gets to you. Perhaps of its accuracy on the world. Perhaps because you feel sad that a person like Lucas didn't get his ending he deserves.