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It's a Mall World After All

It's a Mall World After All - Janette Rallison

I absolutely adore Janette Rallison's books. Back in high school, I've read 3 books from her and I love all three books. Her humour and story plot are just my cup of tea. Her books are one of those books where I can finish reading it in one seating.


It's a Mall World After All tells a story of a girl named Charlotte that works in a mall as a perfume sprayer, if that's the correct term for it. This book follows Charlotte as she tries to bust her best friend's boyfriend, Bryant, of cheating. While that, her relationship with Colton (who is Bryant's best friend) gets very interesting. In the end, all is well with Rallison's magic finish touch, and of course, it somehow ended revolving around the mall.


Although I do think Rallison's books do have a similar formula but it is her formula that works every time into my heart. I do sincerely love the wit and the comedy romance Rallison puts me through.


This may not be her best book, in my opinion, but it has the magic Rallison touch that I adore.