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Fall Girl

Fall Girl - Toni Jordan

I knew it wasn't a mistake on picking up this book. I was in a book sale and I spotted this book when I was about to head for the cashier. It must be fate. 


Fall Girl follows Dr Ella Canfield, an evolutionary biologist with incredible qualifications. She meets millionaire Daniel Metcalf for her research's funding. The problem here is, there is no such person as Ella Canfield. However, there is Della Gilmore, a professional con artist. As much as Della thought she could finish her task easily, as she had done so many before, she might be underestimating Daniel Metcalf. A good-looking millionaire and an attractive con artist...who is fooling who?


Now, this is absolutely the romantic comedy I look for. Della's and Daniel's conversation are funny, filled with sarcasm that I like, and their sexual chemistry is satisfactory. There is one scene in the book that is definitely hilarious, and after that scene, I truly know that Daniel is the funnier one. [Spoiler: That scene with Timothy where Daniel keeps on offering wine. Hilarious.]


Besides the comedic dialogues and interactions, Fall Girl is filled with suspense and surprises. I loved how we, the readers, get to know the life behind con artists and also get to know the high and lows of their career. Besides Della's complicated relationship with Daniel, there is also focus on Della's family and how they cope with their con artists career. I love how everyone cares for each other, even though Della's cousins and brother teases her just like any other family would. I also love how her stepmom Ruby truly cares for Della. She sounds all mighty and elegant and all poise, but she cares for Della and Della knows that very well. Although Della's dad is the reason why Della is a con artist, her father truly cares for her as well. I don't know. It's just heartwarming to know that even between con artists who constantly lie to get money, they care for their family members.


Overall, I am very satisfied with my first book from Toni Jordan. I would definitely pick up more books from her...and perhaps look at con artists in a different light.