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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I've been wanting to read this book for months, but never got the time to buy it. Of course, until, one of my friend decided to lend it to me, and I finished it over the weekend. I can safely say, The Fault In Our Stars lives up to its popularity and I certainly love the characters that John Green brought to life.


The Fault In Our Stars is about Hazel, a sixteen years old girl with cancer, and her journey with Augustus, a guy older than her by a year, with cancer. It's a sick love story, yes. The presence of Augustus in her life definitely changes her lifestyle for the better (how could you not love Augustus?).

Of course, it may seems like a simple love story. But Hazel, Augustus, and even their blind friend Isaac are so loveable and hilarious. The conversations they had are definitely insightful and funny. I just really love these characters.

Unfortunately, I did not cry while reading the book, because I never did cry reading any books. But I was shocked to find out what happens. Maybe when I watch the film, I will cry. With the acting, and the background music, I am sure it is able to move me to tears.


I will definitely read more of John Green's work. 


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