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Dark Warning

Dark Warning - Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

The reason I picked up this book is because at that moment, I had this wonderful idea in my mind. I was thinking of writing a story of a girl who could see the past and the future of objects. Thus, it intrigues me to see the line "I see things that haven't happened yet. I know things I shouldn't know" on the cover page of Dark Warning.


Taney Tyrell is a red-headed girl who can see things before it happens. The folks called it second-sight. To Taney's father and stepmother, Taney's ability is not something to be praised for. However, to other people, it is a special ability. Taney soon discover the wonderful and the not-so-wonderful things she could do. Her ability may save people, and it may also be harmful. Is her ability a curse or a gift?


Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick's writing is indeed brilliant. For this story is set in Dublin, the storytelling is filled with slangs and actual places. It truly makes the reader feel as if he or she is at Dublin with Taney. 


Dark Warning is a story that is packed with wonder, mystery and human connection. The world in which Taney lives is incredible, and it wouldn't harm anyone to travel to this world. Every time I read this book, I find myself in Dublin, feeling Taney's emotions and the adventure she leads.


Overall, Dark Warning is an adventure not to be missed.