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Matched  - Ally Condie

I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW GOOD THIS BOOKS IS. I may be late to the book, but, sigh, I can't wait to get my hands on the other two books in the trilogy. This book is truly a page-turner, and I really do love the way Ally Condie writes. It's amazing I must say. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


Cassia Reyes gets Matched to her perfect partner on her seventeenth birthday. To everyone's surprise, she is Matched with her childhood best friend Xander Carrow. As events unfold, Cassia starts to question if Xander is truly her perfect match, as she has found herself falling for another boy. Cassia also starts to wonder if her decision to obey the Society is beneficial. The Society decides everything for them and for that Cassia grows to wonder about the meaning of her life. 


I love the way the story is told. As Cassia's society is a foreign world to me (although not so foreign, 'cause I can see resemblance in our very own society now), information about Cassia's world did not bombard me at once. Each piece of information is told at its pace and it is told all so naturally that I am not overwhelmed by it. It's a really nice approach to filling in the holes. 


Besides witnessing the incredible character development of Cassia who turns from ideal citizen to a girl who wants to have a choice, we see Cassia falling for Ky, instead of her Match and best friend, Xander. 


Now, in the beginning I was so shocked to find out Cassia was Matched with Xander. Why? Because I believe I have already fallen in love with Xander in the first few pages of the book. I was already rooting for him. I was already hoping Cassia will be fighting the Society hand in hand with Xander. So after that Match Banquet, I connected the dots. If Cassia is Matched with Xander...it means Xander isn't going to be the boy Cassia will be fighting for. Can you hear my heart shatters into a million pieces? Can you?! 


Sure, Ky has his charm and I kind of understand why Cassia likes him, but...Xander...poor boy. Now, I really want to read the next book. Not just because to know what Cassia's journey is going to bring her, but to also catch more of Xander.


Again, Matched did not disappoint. I love this book, even though I question Cassia's choice on Ky. 


I think I am Matched with this book.