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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

Reasons why I pick up this book: 1) The colour of the book is too pretty to ignore, 2) I'm a fangirl myself, 3) I write fanfictions as well, and 4) I enjoy Rainbow Rowell's books. 


After reading this book: I might have a crush on Levi. 


Fangirl is about Cath who writes fanfiction about Simon Snow. She has a twin named Wren, and both of them are freshmen in college. Cath and Wren used to do everything together, but Wren decided to not stick with her twin so much for a change. Cath, being alone for the first time in her life, braced through changes in her life such as living with her new roommate Reagan, writing stories with somebody else other than Wren, and meeting someone who might make her heart races, Levi.


I guess Cath is a very relatable person. At times I really do feel her. I just finished my freshmen year in university, and I can relate to all the anxieties she had. Most of time, just like Cath, I want to stay in and not mix with the people. I am also quite reserved in that sense. I write my own stories as well, but the thing is, I am afraid of letting other people reading it - except for a few fanfictions that I wrote, yeah. 


If there is one thing I am really fond of this book is Levi. He is absolutely charming and funny. He is such a nice guy, and where in my university can I find a Levi? Where? Ugh, why do fictional boys always get into my heart...


I am also impressed to how Rowell is able to write several separate stories in one book. She is writing about Cath's life, then the short stories that Cath and Nick wrote, and then the Simon Snow series. I am really impressed. It would take me forever to write, and I may have given up halfway.


Fangirl is definitely a book worth your time. The characters are lovely, relatable and hilarious. It will make you want a twin sister, a brusque roommate, and a hot Starbucks bartender boyfriend.